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History of the Band

Writing & Recording

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Boston Beats:  State your names, ages and occupations for the record please?


John:  John Appa.  I’m in sales.  And I’m 26… No, actually I’m 39.

Jimmy:  You have to say you’re the drummer too.

Band:  (Laughter)

John:  And I’m the drummer too.

Adam:  My name is Adam Ezra Olshansky and I’m 27.  And I’m just trying to do this music thing for my occupation.  I coach a little lacrosse on the side and do odd jobs to get by.

Jimmy:  I’m Jimmy Saulnier.  I’m the bass player in the band.  I’m also 39 or 29 and I’m a firefighter.  A Lieutenant in Derry, New Hampshire.

Jeff:  My name is Jeff Goulart.  I’m 35 and I’m the percussionist.  I work at Saturn as a new car inventory manager.





BB:  How did the band originally form?


Adam:  Well, I had been playing by myself for a while doing solo acoustic guitar – folky stuff.  I was traveling around the country a lot playing, and decided it was time to start playing with some musicians behind me.  So I came back to Boston where I grew up and had some auditions.  In those auditions I actually first met “Honey” John and Jeff who both came down to audition for drumming parts.  We were also auditioning a couple of bassists at the time.  We didn’t really find any bassists we wanted to go with, so for a while I ended up just using Jeff out at my shows playing hand drums and I’d play guitar.  We did that for… How long did we do that for Jeff?

Jeff:  Probably a year. Nine months. Something like that.

Adam:  Yeah, that was about two years ago.  And after that I went on tour by myself for a little while to the west coast and the Midwest area.  When I came back I was really jazzed about the idea of getting a bass behind my music and a drum set, so I started setting up some more auditions.  John had kept in touch since his first audition and we had clicked nicely so he came by and a…  Do you remember that day?

John:  Oh yeah.

Adam:  We just played together and really clicked.  We found this bassist, Kristin Ezbicki, who I actually knew growing up.  She is an incredibly talented musician and she has a beautiful voice.  So Kristin played bass and sang, John on drums and I played guitar, for about three months or four months. 

Jeff:  About a week and a half.

Band:  (Laughter)

Adam:  Enough time to throw together an album called Sessions.  Released last March. 

Jimmy:  On sale at all Adam Ezra shows.

Band:  (Laughter)

Adam:  So that was cool. But unfortunately we took a little break, for a couple of months.  I was doing some relief work in Kosovo and Kristin in the meantime had gotten into a graduate school program out in Amherst and the commute was going to be a bit too much.  So for a while, Johnny and I were scrambling for a bassist with a couple different people.  That was back when we were doing some Nantucket Nectars shows, right?

John:  Yeah.

Adam:  But half way through the fall of last year, Johnny said, “hey, I know this guy Jimmy that I used to play with.”  Sure enough Jimmy came down around… When? November?

Jimmy:  No, it was probably about September or October.

Adam:  Cool. It was just great, you know?  I mean one of the main priorities for me is that I need to care about the people I work with, and these guys were all awesome.  We started playing out and momentum was growing, and about six months ago or eight months ago I got back in touch with Jeff.  He had been taking some time off to help run a family business.  His wife’s parents owned a restaurant that he took over with his wife and he was just kinda miserable doing it and he needed an outlet through music and called us up.  I was very excited to have him back in the band.


BB:  What was that like, Jeff?


Jeff:  Actually what happened was that I came to see them to see how they were doing.  I’m from Rhode Island, and I don’t hang out too much in Boston.  I was just itching to play because I had been running this restaurant for a year because my wife’s parents wanted to take a year off in Florida.  And they were coming back up and I was getting ready to come out of doing that.  It was the first time in my adult life that I spent that much time not playing music.  So I came up to see them and was really excited and we talked about the possibility of me coming in to play.

Jimmy:  Now we can’t get rid of him.

Band:  (Laughter)

Jeff:  That’s right.  They don’t ask me to come, I just show up.

Band:  (Laughter)


BB:  How did you guys get your nicknames?


Band:  (Laughter)

Adam:  Turtle (Jeff) got his nickname the first day he showed up for auditions.  Jeff gets out there and when he gets playing and gets into his groove, his neck just… his head is just not attached to his body.  When he left my friend came up and was like, “I like the Turtle!”

Band:  (Laughter)

Adam:  And “Honey” John.  Because he’s sweet like honey.  And actually it probably came to be because we usually practice at his house and his wife Patty would call out “Honey can you do this!” and well, “Honey” John.

Jimmy:  He’s our honey.

Adam:  And Jimmy gets “The Lieutenant” for obvious reasons.




Part 1: History of the Band

Part 2: Writing & Recording

Part 3: Playing Out & Boston's Music Scene

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