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David Wilcox
"I have a lot of memories of playing in Boston. It's very suspicious of sentimentality, and that's really fun. There are songs that go over great in Boston that don't work anywhere else, and vice versa."   More...


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Featured Article

A Walk Through Whitsett Guitar Works
Bill Whitsett thinks he isn’t an artist, but he’s wrong. “There’s a big art scene here in Lowell,” he explains. “When I first came here people said ‘Oh you’re an artist, you fix guitars,’ but I don’t think of myself that way. I’m a mechanic. Although I appreciate there’s a difference between this and..."   More...


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Boston Music Awards Winners
Karmin, Mean Creek, David Wax Museum in the winner's circle at the Liberty Hotel

If there is one theme in this year's list of Boston Music Awards winners, it's the heavy slew of repeat offenders.  

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